Build Day 1 – Projects Completed: 0

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Our first day working on the Shasta was a resounding success. We started by pulling out all of the things that we didn’t want or were replacing. First thing out was the propane stove. The previous owner said that the stove worked fine but to me it looked like a 40 year old fire hazard. It had to go. A turn of the wrench here, and a tug there and it was gone. Having it out will open up room for a refrigerator and microwave which seems like a fair trade-off. Next out was the platform the previous owner had built over the rear bench seat. It was big enough to hold a queen size air mattress but it dominated all of the good seating in the back of the trailer. It’s exciting how much room opened up once we removed it; I sense a Shasta dance party in the near future. After the platform was out we removed the air conditioner and delivered it to the repair shop. It looked fairly new to us and the technician said all that it needed was a new switch so we had him order it for us. It’s a 5,000 btu window unit so I expect to be able to hang meat in there once we get it put back in. Beneath the dinette bench there was a water tank that wasn’t connected to anything so we pulled it out.  We have no need to store water and the idea of having to care for and maintain a water supply holds no excitement for me. The biggest job of the day was removing the cabinet that was right inside the door and to the left. Taking it out opened the camper up visually and makes it seem a lot larger on the inside. I love all of the extra elbow room that it opened up. We will be able to extend the bench over the wheel well and seat at least two more people. We also had to remove a bit of the paneling that had warped due to water damage. The last thing we worked on was running the wire for the tail lights. There were two brand new LED tail lights bolted to the rear bumper but no wires to connect them to. I had a trailer light kit in my shop so we put the Shasta up on a pair of ramps and I climbed underneath and ran the wire. I didn’t have any self tapping screws to connect the ground wires so that’s another project that sits unfinished. All in all it was a very satisfying work day. We completed a lot of steps toward finishing some projects but I don’t feel that any of them can be marked done. My favorite part of the day was sitting on the rear bench after all of the work was done and talking about all of our ideas for moving forward. I’m just as excited about the Shasta as the day we got her.


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